2024 CPO Insights Report

Discover how CPOs are reshaping business leadership, driving AI innovation, and outperforming competitors in the 2024 CPO Insights Report.

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Productiv Founder on Building Curious and Collaborative Teams

In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Jonathan Ozeran, Dave Lankford shares insights on launching accessible products.


Dailies Co-Founder on Building Personalized Edtech Products

In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Neha Shah, Jessica Shelley speaks on personalized edtech products.


2024 State of Product Excellence

Download the “State of Product Excellence 2024” report and discover key insights from nearly 500 product managers and leaders.

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Climate Product Leaders Co-Founder on Fighting the Climate Crisis With Digital Product

In this episode of Product Talk hosted by Maggie Wong, François Burra speaks on fighting climate change through digital product development.

SquadTrip Founder on Common Misconceptions as a Product-Centric Founder

In this webinar, SquadTrip Founder Darrien Watson will speak on his experiences founding a product-centric company.

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Dealops Co-Founder on B2B Pricing Strategies

What pricing strategies can drive sustainable growth for B2B businesses? In this webinar, Dealops Co-Founder & CEO Spyri Karasavva speaks on B2B pricing strategies from the startup phase through to the IPO. Join us for an insightful session on critical aspects of B2B pricing strategies that drive business growth. You’ll learn how to effectively bundle […]

Gravity Climate Founder on Building a Differentiated Decarbonization Platform

In this podcast, Maggie Wong and Saleh ElHattab discuss leveraging diversity when building a differentiated decarbonization platform.

Leaders in Innovation: Shellworks CEO on Producing Sustainable and Impactful Products

In this episode with Dylan Garrett, Insiya Jaefferjee speaks on producing sustainable and impactful products at Shellworks.

2024 Product Guide: The AI & Data Issue

What are the best AI & Data products for product managers in 2024? Find out by reading about the winning products in the 2024 Product Guide.

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Leaders in Innovation: Adrich CEO & Founder on Bringing a Startup to Life

In this podcast episode hosted by Eric Cohen, Adhithi Aji speaks on her experience bringing a startup to life.

Products That Count Announces AI & Data Winners in the 2024 Product Awards

The first edition of the 2024 Product Awards features the top 75 products in artificial intelligence and data.

Product Divergence Series: Carna Health Co-Founder on Transforming Chronic Disease Management With Digital Products

In this episode with Nacho Andrade, Salvatore Viscomi speaks on chronic disease management with digital products.

Product Divergence Series: PM Exercises and Product Monkey AI Founder and CEO on Automating PM Tasks With AI

In this episode of the Product Divergence series with Nacho Andrade, Bijan Shahrokhi speaks on automating PM tasks with AI.

Product Leaders to Watch: A10 Networks Fmr. VP of Product on Creating Value through Strategic Shifts

In this episode of Product Leaders to Watch with Chenny Solaiyappan, Yasir Liaqatullah speaks on creating value through strategic shifts.

The Year of Intelligent Chat

Will 2024 go down in history as the year of intelligent chat? The product managers and leaders we speak with seem to think so.

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Product to Venture Series: Morgan Creek Digital Partner on Innovation to Investing

In this episode of the Product to Venture series with SC Moatti, Xavier Segura speaks on his path from innovation to investing.

Products That Count Recognizes Exceptional Leaders in Product Management with the Formation of Advisory Board

This press release announces the exceptional leaders in product management who comprise the Products That Count advisory board.

Product Leaders To Watch: WellB Founder on What Makes a Great Healthcare Product

In this episode of the Product Leaders to Watch Series with Chenny Solaiyappan, Zachary Fleming shares what makes a great healthcare product.

Products That Count Publishes Insights Report on AI; Announces Founding Board of Directors

This press release announces the CPO Insights Report: Into the AI Era, and the Founding Board of Directors at Products That Count.

Kraftful Founder on AI in Product Management

In this webinar, Kraftful Founder Yana Welinder speaks on the role of AI in product management and how AI is changing product management.

Pendo CEO on a Decade of Data-Driven Innovation and Differentiation

In this podcast, Nacho Andrade meets with Todd Olson to discuss the role of data-driven innovation and differentiation in product.

Global IIT Artificial Intelligence Forum Founder on Scaling Product Businesses

In this podcast, Sid Shaik meets with Tushar Kant to discuss strategies for product leaders to prioritize when scaling product businesses.

2023 CPO Insights Report #2: Into the AI Era

What do top Chief Product Officers think are the leading tech trends now? Find out in the “CPO Insights Report: Into the AI Era.”

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Product Divergence Series: Railsware CEO on Data-Driven Success in Product

In this episode of Product Divergence, Nacho Andrade meets with Yaroslav Lazor for a conversation on data-driven success.

Product Awards Series: SignalWire Founder on Building Empowering Telecom Products

This is Product Awards podcast series episode 14, with Nacho Andrade and Anthony Minessale speaking on building empowering telecom products.

Veba Baby Founder on Revolutionizing Parent Tech

In this podcast, JVeon Brewster speaks on her advancements in parent tech and the intricacies of building products within this sector.

20 for 2023: The Inaugural Product Manager Awards

This eBook introduces the winners of the 2023 PM Awards, the inaugural product manager awards. Celebrating excellence in product management.

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Product Awards Series: Segmed Product Lead on Product Insights in HealthTech and AI

This is Product Awards podcast series lucky number episode 13, with Nacho Andrade and Dan Feusse on healthtech and AI.

Product Awards Series: Dasera CEO on Securing Data and Nurturing Innovation

This is Product Awards podcast series episode 12, with Nacho Andrade and Ani Chaudhuri on securing data and other topics.

Zeda.io Founder on Navigating the Challenges of Product Management

In this podcast, Prashant Mahajan speaks on the intricacies and common challenges of product management.

The Breakout Space Founder on Building and Shipping API products

In this webinar, Archie Agrawal shares insights on building and shipping API products.

Rownd Co-Founder on Effective UX Design for Security and Trust

In this podcast, Rachel Radulovich speaks on the influence of UX design on user security and trust.

Prive Founder & CEO on Startup Insights, Vision Crafting, and the Art of Scaling

This episode of Product Divergence series finds Nacho Andrade speaking with Alex Craciun on startup insights and other toipcs.

Product Awards Series: OmniSync Co-Founder & CEO on Niche Solutions and the Path to Success

Product Awards podcast series episode 11 finds Nacho Andrade speaking with Rupak Doshi on niche solutions and advice for founders.

Product Trends to Watch: AI Infographic

This AI infographic looks at one of the biggest topics in product – or anywhere, really. Download it for free, today.

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Ammunition Founder on Creating a Culture of Great Design

This podcast features Melissa Pickering in conversation with Robert Brunner. The topic? Creating a culture of great design.

Product Awards Series: InCitu Founding CEO on Augmented Reality and the Future of Cities

The 10th Product Awards podcast series episode finds Nacho Andrade speaking with Dana Chermesh on tech’s role in the future of cities.

Product Awards Series: Ellipsis Health CPO on Transforming Mental Healthcare with AI

Episode 9 of the Product Awards podcast series features Nacho Andrade and Melissa McCool discussing transforming mental healthcare with AI.

Fiddler AI Meta AI Product Leader and Advisor on the Role of Responsible AI in Product Management

In this podcast, Natalia Burina discusses the nuances and challenges of integrating AI in product management.

Craft.io CEO on Adopting a Product-Focused Mindset

In this podcast,Elad Simon discusses how adopting a product-focused mindset can drive transformation and growth.

Product Awards Series: Sagetap CoFounder on Revolutionizing Software Discovery

Episode 8 of the Product Awards podcast series finds Nacho Andrade and Kevin Hughes in conversation about revolutionizing software discovery.

Product Awards Series: Novo Director of Product on Balancing Customer Needs and Business Outcomes

In episode 7 of the Product Awards Series, Nacho Andrade interviews Roger Liu on balancing customer needs and business outcomes.

Product Awards Series: Earkick Co-Founder on Solving Customer Problems and Quality Product Development

In episode 6 of the 2023 Product Awards podcast series, Herbert Bay speaks with Nacho Andrade about quality product development.

2023 CPO Insights Report: Presenting Original Research on the Chief Product Officer

How are top Chief Product Officers leading their businesses past the competition? Find out in the 2023 CPO Insights Report.

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Product Awards Series: Pando Founding CEO on Building a Better Future of Work

In episode 5 of the 2023 Product Awards podcast series, Barbra Gago speaks with Nacho Andrade on building a better future of work.

Product Awards Series: Mperativ Co-Founder on Connecting Product and Revenue

In this Product Awards Series podcast, Daniel Raskin speaks with Nacho Andrade about connecting product and revenue.

ABN CTO & Co-Founder on Leading Product Development With an Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this podcast, Valdemar Ostergaard discusses leading product development with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Product Awards Series: Nitra Founder & CEO on Building FinTech for Healthcare

In this Product Awards series podcast, Jonathan Chen speaks with Nacho Andrade about building FinTech solutions for the healthcare industry.

Product Awards Series: Radd Founder on Building Valuable Products for Product Users

In this Product Awards series podcast, Sivan Baram discusses her unique approach to building successful products that provide value to the intended product users.

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